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Commit to be Fit: Health Around the World

Even though it's snowy out, our annual spring health fair is on our minds and in the works! The event will be held at the McMinnville Community Center on Saturday, May 11 from 12 - 2 PM.

This year the theme of Commit to be Fit is focused on exploring the world’s healthiest and longest-living communities. The fair includes the traditional, free health screenings and community resources. To go along with the theme, participants will receive a Passport to Health Around the World and visit exhibitor booths that will offer health and wellness information and activities.

As always we like to add on a bit more to make it a fun, family-friendly day! We invite local fitness instructors and coaches to host short classes throughout the afternoon and - new to the fair this year is our first silent auction. The silent auction will have baskets filled with health goodies and passes for activities and family outings based off the healthy lifestyle habits recognized by Blue Zones.

The topic of healthy regions and lifestyle habits is one that we're putting an emphasis on this spring for all of our programming! Learn more about the healthiest places around the world by participating in or following along with our Kids CAN (cooking and nutrition) workshops, spring blog series, and updates about Commit to be Fit: Health Around the World. We look forward to learning about health around the world with all of you!


The SNACK Program

For more information about Commit to be Fit: Health Around the World click here, check out our event page, or visit us on Instagram or Facebook (@thesnackprogram).

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