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Health Around the World: Sardinia, Italy

This small island is our first stop on our Health Around the World trip. Sardinia is home to the world's longest-living men and nearly 10 times more centenarians (people who are 100 or more years old) than the US.

What's their secret?

According to the studies of those over at Blue Zones, there are some lifestyle qualities that have played a major role in the lengthened life span.

To list a few:

  • Eat a lean, plant-based diet accented with meat - The Sardinian diet mainly consists of whole-grain bread, beans, vegetables, and fruit. The meats eaten are usually fish and poultry.

  • Take a walk - Most Sardinian shepherds walk around 5 miles per day. SNACK wants to put an emphasis on walking every day for cardiovascular health in honor of American Heart Month! Which is all throughout the month of February annually. Walking for at least 30 minutes per day provides cardiovascular benefits and has a positive effect on muscle and bone metabolism.

  • Laugh with friends - Laughter is common is Sardinia as people gather in the afternoon with friends to joke and be with one another. Because laughter reduces stress, it also lowers risk for cardiovascular disease.

These small, important changes can have a huge effect on overall health and lifespan. It's our hope that one day we'll all be known as centenarians too!

With Love,

The SNACK Program

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