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Health Around the World: Nicoya, Costa Rica

Our second stop on our Health Around the World trip isn't too far from home. Just like those of Sardinia, the people living in the 80 mile peninsula known as Nicoya are far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to longevity.

Our Blue Zones friends found that some of the lifestyle qualities that Nicoya centenarians match those they found for Sardinia centenarians.

They also found a few specific to Nicoya:

  • Have a "plan de vida" - This is all about having a "reason to live" or a strong sense of purpose. A sense of purpose usually tends to increase positivity and create a positive outlook on life. Feeling needed often leads to the desire to contribute to something greater or bigger than yourself.

  • Focus on family - Nicoyans tend to live either with their families or in very close proximity. This often provides them with a support system and gives them the feeling of a sense of belonging.

  • Eat a light dinner - Not only a light dinner, but one early in the evening. Some of the core foods in the Nicoyan diet are squash, corn, and beans.

Add these to your list of small, important changes that can make a huge difference!

With Love,

The SNACK Program

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