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Intern Orientation Experience

Last Monday our SNACK interns, old and new, attended our Spring Orientation. Our interns are the backbone of SNACK and all of our programming. Because they have such an important role within our nutrition education sessions, cooking classes, and after school programming it's important that they are able to gather together to learn the ins and outs of what we do!

What do we cover in orientation?

1. Getting to know one another It might seem silly, but ice breakers are one of our favorite ways to help everyone get to know one another and sometimes even learn a thing or two from each other. We asked each of our interns, "What's one word that comes to mind when you think of 'change' and why?" Below are some of the responses.

2. What SNACK is and how to make the most out of the internship We makes sure to go over the basics: the history, mission and goals, structure of the programming, etc. But, we also open up the floor for new interns to ask any and all questions to the vets of the group. They tend to share experiences, mistakes, favorite moments, how to reflect, how talk about SNACK, and general tips.

3. How to run nutrition education sessions in the office

SNACK EDU (nutrition education sessions) at Physicians Medical Center is the largest, most widely utilized program that we offer. And it's provided completely by our interns! This is where they are taught about SMART goals, patient and personal reflection, and how to deliver curriculum.

4. Obesity, bullying, mental health, and motivational interviewing

We believe that knowing about each of these topics is vital for the work that we're doing. Though it may not apply to all patients or interns, it's important to understand what people experience day-to-day. In turn, we hope that our interns help inspire others with positivity and motivation.

5. Kitchen skills for kiddos Nelson, one of the chefs at Pura Vida Cocina, came to teach us all about knife and age appropriate kitchen skills. This was a favorite among the interns. Not only because he brought some yummy and healthy snacks, but also because it was so helpful!

"I really enjoyed having someone with a unique skill set teach me something I've never known how to do! I'm excited to use my new knowledge at Kids CAN." - Rylee, SNACK intern

Other interns also commented on how they learned something new about what's available in McMinnville. Connecting our interns with our community is so important to us and it's something we hope to indirectly give to them whenever we can!

"I actually ended up learning more about McMinnville after listening to Nelson talk about his delicious, authentic foods. I can't wait to try out Pura Vida." -Charlotte, SNACK Intern

We had such a blast teaching about SNACK, personal experiences, and the community and we can't wait to see how this new group of interns will add their own personal touch to the program!

With Love,

The SNACK Program

Learn more about our interns here.

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