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Our Inspirational Leaders

Here at the SNACK Program, we currently have one full time hired staff member and one full time AmeriCorps VISTA member who work hard to manage the program and train our Linfield interns. These two individuals keep the program running through all of their hard work and dedication.

Katie Sours, SNACK Program coordinator, was hired in April of 2016. She is a great fit for SNACK as she has a strong background with Linfield and has a Master’s in Public Health. Not only did she graduate from Linfield College, but she also taught organic chemistry and physiology labs at the college before being hired at SNACK. Katie is both passionate and dedicated to everything that she does for SNACK. We SNACK interns (and our SNACK participants) are constantly inspired by Katie.

“Katie goes above and beyond in her work for the SNACK Program. She is constantly finding ways to improve the program. Her passion for community health and the SNACK Program inspire me every day. She has been a wonderful mentor for me and all of the SNACK interns. I have absolutely cherished my time working with her.” – Jaime R., Lead SNACK Intern since Fall 2016

Kendra McSheridan is the 2017-2018 AmericCorps VISTA member. Her main role in this position is to work on outreach and program development. Before graduating from Linfield in 2017, Kendra was a SNACK intern herself. Because of her background at Linfield and in SNACK, Kendra sets a great example for the current interns. Not to mention, the kids love her!

“One day Kendra and I went to Dayton Grade School to facilitate Dayton Activities for Student Health, an after school program, and a lot of the kids in the program remembered Kendra from last year. They came running toward her with excitement. Seeing the love and excitement the kids had for Kendra really touched my heart and is a moment that will fuel my efforts to help others in the future.” – Joshua R., SNACK Intern since February 2018

Katie and Kendra truly make the SNACK program what it is today. They work hard every day to improve the SNACK Program and help as many families in the community as possible. “I’ve only been a SNACK intern since August 2017, but the amount of growth the program has had since then is amazing.” – Kiana S., SNACK intern since August 2017

We SNACK interns are thankful for our fearless leaders and the opportunities that they provide for us and the SNACK participants every day.

With Love,

The SNACK Program

To see Katie and Kendra’s full bios, click here.

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