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Student Nutrition and Activity Clinic for Kids (SNACK) is a collaboration of community and child health professionals who train Linfield College Interns to provide nutrition education, physical activity coaching, and mentoring in goal setting to youth ages 6 - 18 in Yamhill County, OR. We provide family-centered nutrition education, peer-based cooking classes and fitness sessions, and community wide health events.


Our Interns value this opportunity to apply their knowledge, develop professional skills, and cultivate meaningful relationships with participants. Our SNACK participants agree that this is one of their favorite parts of the program.

We know that families and friends are powerful forces in a child’s life, and we encourage family and peer involvement in our programs. We base our curriculum on the reality that we are more likely to succeed in improving the health of a child if we also provide support for those around them. Through our program, our hope is that our families will become healthier and happier together.




Why I love SNACK >


Why I love SNACK >


Why I love SNACK >


Why I love SNACK >


Why I love SNACK >



Our interns are students at Linfield College who have been trained to deliver nutrition education to children ages 6 - 18 and their families in Yamhill County, OR. They deliver nearly all of our programs and events.

Healthy kids,

healthy communities,  healthy futures.


Getting Here:

We host family and individual nutrition education sessions in our office within Physicians' Medical Center. You do not have be to a PMC patient to enroll in SNACK.

Our Address:

2435 NE Cumulus Ave Ste A

McMinnville OR 97128


(503) 434-8278


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